Our environment

Located on the North Santiago Road (Camino de Santiago del Norte), next to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Latas, in its surroundings you will enjoy unparalleled walks along a coast of absolute beauty, extensive beaches where you can play any sport or perform any activity related to the sea and one of the most interesting regions of Cantabria, with cattle towns and a wonderful gastronomy.

There’s riding schools, bike path, golf, regular boat service to Santander and is the starting point to explore other areas of the region.

Next to the Marshes of Santoña and Joyel, in little more than an hour will be in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and in less than 25 minutes in the Nature Park of Cabárceno or in Santillana del Mar, where you can also contemplate the Altamira Complex.

Our beaches

Somo´s beach

Beach located on the coast of Trasmiera, next to the town of which it receives the name, forming along with the beaches of El Puntal and Loredo, an extensive stretch of sand about 4 kilometers long. It receives a strong swell when facing the open sea.


loredo´s beach

This beach is located on the coast of Trasmiera, next to the town that gives it its name, and forming the eastern end of the long tongue of sand that begins in El Puntal. In front of it is the Island of Santa Marina, the most extensive of the Cantabrian coast

Los Tranquilos beach


Los Tranquilos or Boo beach is located in the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar. It is accessed by a wooden staircase that starts from a car park, due to its magnificent enclave, this refuge of peace becomes one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cantabrian coast.



Langre beach

For many the most beautiful beach in Cantabria, located on the coast of Trasmiera, one km. approximately from the town of Langre. Its long stretch of sand is completely surrounded by vertical cliffs, accessed by stairs.

Galizano beach


The beach of Galizano, San Miguel or La Canal    HE   It is located in the town of the same name, in the municipality of Ribamontán al Mar. It is a beach with rocks scattered in the middle and soft cliffs. Due to its small size, it is usually a quiet stretch of sand, keeping wind shelters, like La Playuca.



Places of interest

El capricho

The Villa Quijano, popularly known as El Capricho, is a modernist building located in the Cantabrian town of Comillas. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí and built between 1883 and 1885 under the direction of Cristóbal Cascante, assistant to the Reusan architect, commissioned by the Indian Máximo Díaz de Quijano. It is one of the few works that Gaudí designed outside Catalonia.


The cave of Altamira is a natural cavity in the rock in which one of the most important pictorial and artistic cycles of prehistory is conserved.It is located in Santillana del mar, about two kilometers from the urban center, in a meadow from which it took name.

This patrimony of the humanity is not possible to visit it, excepting a raffle that is celebrated the last Friday of every month in the interpretation center that takes its name and where the replicas are lodged.


The park is known for the semi – freedom regime of some animals. Especially after the rhinoceros zone you can sometimes see deer, deer and monkeys of Gibraltar among visitors’ vehicles. It also has botanical routes that allow you to see different types of plants, usually located next to the most visited places. The park takes advantage of the places of the old iron mines of Cabárceno, observing still some of the industrial structures in its interior

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